Meaghan Mcgurgan

Editor, Artist Hong Kong

"An artist is an explorer…"- Matisse

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Director. Designer. Writer. Jack of all Trades.

Meaghan is a theatre artist that was raised in Griffin, GA. She attended CSU and studied Directing under Kate Musgrove. She then went onto her Masters degree at Louisiana Tech, where she had the pleasure of working with Paul B. Crook. After a season with the Central City Opera, Miss McGurgan flew to Hong Kong where the magic began!

Since 2008, she has staged over 700 productions for both adults and children in Hong Kong. She is always looking to work with new people and have new experiences on stage. She has done every job on the stage from "playing the music, to lighting the lights."

From 2012-2016 Meaghan was the editor of HKELD is an online magazine dedicated to promoting/supporting the performing arts scene in Hong Kong. Miss McGurgan is passionate about bringing audiences and artists together.

Meaghan was the Artistic Director of Shakespeare in the Port at Cyberport for the two years it was running. It was a financial success and sadly had to close due to red tape. She was also a Tedx Wanchai speaker in 2015.

Currently, Meaghan is a full-time teacher at a school helping kids explore themselves through a love of art, creativity and a love of learning. She loves working with kids helping them find their voice and confidence. Her mantra in education is that "Learning should be fun and accessible for everyone!"

Stay tuned for future projects.


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